Why tennis players rely on massage…

I was expecting to write about the final episode of “The Men who made us Fat” – but a phenomenal tennis battle that saw Nadal knocked out of Wimbledon took over BBC2 yesterday evening.

Watching those two super fit 26 year old athletes’ pound a ball back & forth at each other for over 4 hours raised questions about how muscles cope with such extreme use. With difficulty, however fit you are. You are tackling psychological challenges as well as physical, and the mind is focussed on the strategy. The body just has to get on with it. If it doesn’t deliver – you lose the game.

These players take huge care of themselves – their body is their lottery ticket. They have a retinue of physios and massage therapists to look after their every need. The extreme nature of the game means the body is pushed to its limits, and needs speedy and effective recovery to enable them to play again.

So what did they do between warming up and the match – have a massage.

What did they do during the half hour break whilst the roof on Centre Court was closed – have a massage.

And what did they do after the match, either to celebrate or wonder dumbfoundedly what the heck just happened – have a massage!

To keep the muscles supple, stop them from seizing up and help repair any damage triggered during the game

You may not be an extreme sportsman – but whatever you do, your muscles can be pushed to their limits. There is a simple solution to help remedy those aches and pains experienced and prevent further damage – HAVE A MASSAGE!

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