Energy Healing

Therapy for balance and harmony

The receiving and giving of healing – the transfer of life-enhancing energy, through the healer to the recipient – is a gentle, nurturing experience intended to rejuvenate the balance and harmony of your mind, body and spirit

The effect of this positive energy is often relaxing and invigorating, resulting in constructive changes at one or more recognisable levels – emotional, mental, social and physical.

At White Wave, healing is received when lying or sitting in a calm and peaceful environment. It can be received in silence, whilst listening to music or whilst engaged in gentle conversation. 

To enhance the healing process, a broad spectrum of creative energy work is employed – including meditation, visualisations and psychological journeys; balancing of the chakras, use of crystal therapy, the application of feng shui and assessing the impact of environmental factors such as geopathic and electromagnetic stress.

Healing is also available for animals and can be used on plants.

 “I came away from my session with Jennie in a state of peace and unusual calm – she has a very special gift that put me in touch with what is important, a place untouched by the fears and distractions that are constantly pulling me into reactivity.”
Belinda Ackermann – Stage & Costume Designer


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  • An Introduction to Massage

    A one-day workshop with Jennie to learn about massage and how to give a relaxing and effective Massage at Home. The next workshop is Sunday 27th October 2019

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    For birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter, Christmas – a relaxing therapeutic Massage or Energy Work gift for someone you care about, to help them unwind…

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    If you pay in advance for 6 sessions you will receive a 10% discount. For more info, click HERE

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    Jennie is a Registered Practitioner with BAPAM – the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine. Click HERE for further information

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    All first-time clients are offered a free 30-minute consultation immediately prior to the first session.

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