Deep Tissue Massage

Massage Therapy for balance and harmony

Deep Tissue Massage, also known as soft tissue therapy, is the most natural form of holistic healing – treating the body as a “whole”, to incorporate your emotional and spiritual well-being as well as the physical body. What is happening in your life will affect what is happening in your body.

Massage is the art of touch & stroke – the therapist gradually working deep into your muscles & soft tissue to re-vitalise them when tired, stiff or damaged. Thorough knowledge of the anatomy & physiology of the human body – in particular the skeleto-muscular system and associated pathologies, health and social issues – is an integral part of deep tissue massage therapy.

By means of a wide variety of techniques that include different strokes and applications; depth of pressure; use of hands, knuckles & arms; stretches and joint mobilisation, massage therapy can help ease symptoms of stress, anxiety and tension; help restore balance to damaged muscles, lessen impaired mobility and strengthen the immune system.

Deep Tissue Massage is of huge benefit to people of all ages:- ranging from babies to the elderly, marathon runners to couch potatoes, busy business people to busy parents, photographers to musicians, pilots to cab drivers, builders to mechanics; is safe during pregnancy, is effective for those with sports related injuries or RSI and at its most profound simply to provide much needed relaxation and time out from modern every day life.

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“I cannot recommend Jennie highly enough. I’ve had a LOT of massage over the last 25 years and she’s in an entirely different league. She is somehow able to give a deep massage without causing pain. That’s quite a skill!”
Thank you so much…
Tricia Young – Business Woman


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