Therapies tailored for you – what happens next?

White Wave offers 1+1 sessions for massage, healing and meditation. Either individually or in combination.

Please note that all the information below is relevant to a non-CD-19 working environment. For info regarding the temporary status please click on:  Covid-19

Your first visit will start with a short free consultation, having completed a case history consultation document on line.

For massage this will cover your health & medical history and any muscular or mobility concerns you have. Aspects of your day to day life style may also be considered, as they can have a direct effect on any physical problems you are experiencing.

For healing it will explore any current issues you are facing: relating to your background, your work, your aspirations and your relationships – any aspect of your life that may be important to you.

From this consultation Jennie can determine, in agreement with you, which therapies will be most effective for you – to meet your needs for each appointment.

There is no dress code at White Wave – just be comfortable, whatever therapy you’re coming for.

If you are coming for a massage:

  • wearing underwear is required
  • it would be advisable not to wear any make-up or hair product

If you are coming for Energy work:

  • you stay fully clothed throughout
  • White Wave in 2023…

    White Wave has been fully operational, accommodating Covid, since July 2020, with necessary due care. The use of PPE – if required or requested – and working in a Covid-safe environment will continue.

  • Contact White Wave

    If you have an enquiry or to make an appointment:- Telephone: 020 8444 7570

  • New Wellness Workshops

    Introducing our new Wellness Workshops. 6 Complementary Therapy sessions for Personal bookings. For more info click HERE.

  • Hands-On Training re-opening

    Mentoring, Supervision and Tutoring will shortly be available for qualified, returning, trainee and hopeful massage therapists. For further details click HERE.

  • Gift Vouchers for all occasions…

    For Birthdays, Anniversaries, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Christmas – a relaxing therapeutic Massage or Energy Work gift for someone you care about, to help them unwind…

  • Special offers -10% discount

    If you pay in advance for 4, 5 or 6 sessions you will receive a 10% discount. For more info, click HERE

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