Crystal Therapy

Crystals were formed millions of years ago, from molten igneous rock. Their often radiant colour and translucent quality make them a fascinating curiosity and are used for a variety of purposes. The highly polished stones exist as gems – and the tumbled are often used in complementary and alternative therapies.  Many myths and legends are associated with crystals. Some are affiliated to specific organs, or areas of the body, or to personal behaviours – others to individual Chakras, connected by their colour.

Using crystals is a centuries old practice. They are reputed – though not clinically proven – to have Healing qualities; to help enhance a general feeling of well-being and focussed energy.

Our crystal therapy session uses a combination of gentle dialogue, Healing and guided meditation. Your choice of crystals, from the White Wave collection, can be used during energy healing sessions – or bring your own….

“Dear Jennie – I want to thank you for the last few sessions we’ve had. I was slightly apprehensive about exploring Healing, but having been very busy with work and feeling stressed – I wanted to try something that might help alleviate it. At the beginning of the first session I could not count all the thoughts I had running round my head, and I could not even describe why I felt I should be having the session – but you understood that immediately. The first session, left me feeling calm, clear headed and ready to face the world. This feeling lasted for a month, gradually fading like a henna tattoo – at which point I needed a “top up”.
Sarra Dally – Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist

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