What happens to your body when you’re overweight?

It has been established unequivocally that larger meal portions, grazing between meals and eating fast foods full of fat, sugar and salt automatically leads to weight gain.

Now we need to consider what that weight gain does to our bodies. It’s not nice:-

  • Swathes of fat surrounding our internal organs – causing reduced organ function
  • Reduced organ function – leading to heart problems, diabetes, kidney & liver failure
  • Furred up arteries – leading to heart problems
  • Added pressure on hip, knee and ankle joints – leading to mobility issues, discomfort and eventually joint failure
  • Mobility issues – leading to muscle, tendon and ligament problems

and it goes on and on….

Massage, to release muscle tension and help promote greater mobility is a great way to begin to counteract the effects of over eating. Increased mobility won’t necessarily knock the pounds off, but it will help stimulate the desire to eat fresh, energising foods – such as fruit, vegetables and salads. Which will!


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