Welcome to our New Wellness Workshops – Work Life Harmony

This exciting new project, launched by Jennie and colleague Gabi Haynes, offers a choice of Private Small Group Workshops, featuring a range of Complementary Therapies, to experience and learn about different techniques and to help promote personal wellness and harmony

Who are the Wellness Workshops for?

We have six workshops on offer, five of which are designed for small to medium groups of adults, for example: – mature teenagers, mothers & daughters, fathers & sons ~ and friends. Any combination in fact. We would recommend a maximum of six people per workshop.

The sixth workshop is specifically for children of primary school age.

Some workshop sessions may be quiet & peaceful, others a little more upbeat – but most certainly fun. Intended as a well-deserved treat for yourself with friends or family. To just relax; or where you try things you’ve not experienced before and are curious about…

Each workshop runs for approximately 2 hours.

What do the Wellness Workshops consist of?

Each workshop is a combination of receiving our Complementary Therapies and discovering how to carry them out yourself.

They cover a broad range of massage techniques, physical exercise and energy work devised to keep you both engaged and challenged. Each workshop is a stand-alone experience.


The Six Wellness Workshops

Massage of Your Extremities

Your outer “extremities” are deeply responsive to massage, more than any other part of your body. Hands and lower arms, feet and lower legs, head – and face. These are areas that are often forgotten in a full body massage, or when there isn’t enough time.

Massaging these areas is focused on helping relieve the effects of day-to-day stress & anxiety and to help restore your balance. You can receive, watch and try giving it to others, if you wish. We will instruct you on the basics.

Aromatherapy – an Introduction

Have you ever had massage using aromatherapy oils? Did you like it? Have you ever bought scented oils and put them in your bath or put drops in a diffuser to make your home smell nice?

Essential Oils have many purposes. They don’t just have a nice aroma but have healing properties that can help specific ailments and conditions, for people of different ages, even for your home.

Here’s an opportunity to gain experience about how aromatherapy works and explore the oils that you like – as well as receive and give several types of “Massage of Your Extremities” using them.

A Healing Experience

Have you ever wondered exactly what Healing is, how it works, and how it feels to give it and receive it? Most people will have heard the name. Some may shy away at the thought of it being too “weird” or even “woo-woo”.

But it is a very simple, natural and ancient form of self-care. Described as “to make well again” or “restore to health” it can affect you both physically and mentally. Maybe now is the time to try it out.

There are many different energy-based techniques we use within Healing. We include exploration of the seven body chakras, the use of crystal therapy and meditation. A unique holistic introduction to the world of developing and using your own mental powers.


Stretching the body and the mind…

A short calming meditation is the Introduction to Yoga. Using deep breathing, this is a way of scanning the body and mind. By bringing focus & grounding, allowing you to see what feels tight or needs to be released, we move into loosening and warming those parts with a gentle yoga class for all abilities.  This can be done either seated or on the floor, depending on your flexibility and the room space.

And finally, another peaceful meditation to close.


A key element in both the yoga and Healing sessions, and an experience in its own right. Using your mind to aid physical and mental relaxation. Sitting or lying, the choice is yours, we take you through a series of visual images – part of which is helping you find your mental safe space.

When you close your eyes what do you see? Do you see colours, or black & white? Do you visualise things you want to happen? Have you tried? Here is your chance to find out more, give it a try and see what you can achieve.

You may be very surprised.

For Children

This is a delightful workshop specifically for primary school aged children, each accompanied by an adult – usually a parent or carer. Based around the hugely popular Massage for Children programme, it’s a combination of gentle pressure movements (described as massage) to the back, through their clothes, interpreting lots of creative storytelling.

We, the therapists, demonstrate the movements on each other, and you the parents & carers “massage” the children, or they “massage” each other. We don’t ever touch the children directly, unless given permission. It’s a lot of fun and a truly enjoyable experience, and a form of storytelling you can take home.

This workshop is for all children aged between 6-10 and is both safe and stimulating for those with autism, Down’s syndrome or living with other physical & mental health conditions.

Where will our Wellness Workshops be held?

These workshops can take place almost anywhere as long as there is enough room. In your own home, maybe even your garden is ideal. If you wish to have a larger group than six we can consider using external venues.

How to Book

  • These workshops are intended as a private hire. You can book as many or as few as you wish.
  • The main factor is, they take place in your home, and you provide the participants.
  • We will bring all the equipment – all we need is a parking place.

    The Cost…

    • All workshops run for approximately 2 hours and can accommodate a maximum of 6 participants.
    • The cost for each workshop is £300 (£50 per head if 6 participants)

    Next Steps

    If you are interested, or have any queries, please call Jennie on 07831 164430 or email to therapy@white-wave.org.uk. She will call you back to discuss.

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      White Wave has been fully operational, accommodating Covid, since July 2020, with necessary due care. The use of PPE – if required or requested – and working in a Covid-safe environment will continue.

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