Sports Taping I & II

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For any massage therapist, physio or fitness trainer – with or without a sports massage qualification – interested in learning about, and applying, Sports Tape.

What is Sports Tape?

An elastic tape that provides pain relief & support for hundreds of common injuries such as carpel tunnel, wrist pain, runners’ knee, neck strains, calf strains, shoulder pain and many more. It is lightweight, comfortable to wear and stays on for up to 7 days at a time – even in the shower or pool

Who can use it?

Although Sports Tape is the fastest growing therapeutic application used by athletes and dancers, it can be used by anybody – to treat a variety of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions in general.

How does Sports Tape work?

It provides targeted pain relief by relieving pressure & increasing circulation – promoting faster recovery. It also provides stability and support for joints – like a flexible brace, without being bulky or limiting the body’s range of motion.

Divided into two sessions, this workshop will enable you to:

  •  Develop an awareness of Sports Tape
  •  Consider the scientific evidence base for how the tape works
  •  Develop a working knowledge of Sports Tape uses & applications
  •  Learn how to prepare the body for taping
  •  Practically apply the tape to treat & manage a range of conditions
During Sport Tape I – focusing on:

  •       The major joints:
  •       lower back, shoulder, neck
  •       elbow, ankle & knee
During Sport Tape II – focusing on

  •       costal strains & gluteal strains
  •       hands & feet
  •       self-application

This workshop is a must for any massage therapist wanting to be up-to-date in the use of new technology and applications

The Fee:          £110 per workshop – £200 for both, inc tape
The Tape:        £25 for each additional roll
The Venue:      The Education Centre, Whittington Hospital
The Dates:      to be announced
The Time:       10am to 2pm
To book:         email or call 07831 164430

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