Work & office based seated massage – not currently available

The benefit of seated massage is that you can receive it sitting in a chair or on a stool, anywhere and anytime; that you don’t have to remove any clothing – and that no oil is used.

This makes it an ideal support for people working in busy offices; who work long hours, are highly stressed and under constant pressure – and who may not get a proper break.

Seated at your desk or coffee station you can receive 15-20 minute head, shoulder & back massages – providing relief from deep seated lower back & shoulder pain caused by constant sitting; and from RSI, headache & eye strain caused by long-term computer use and fluorescent lighting.

Three hour sessions for office based businesses are available, in London, during which up to 10 people can receive massage.

Seated massage can help rejuvenate you and your colleagues; to relax, energise and de-stress you and help you focus on the rest of your working day.

“Jennie is a real expert in her field. She takes the time to understand you and works out the most effective therapy which is both relaxing and healing in its effect. I was feeling much more energised yet relaxed and those niggling aches which you get from many hours desk-based were eradicated. Thanks Jennie. Highly recommended.”
David Roth – IT Consultant


  • White Wave in 2021…

    The government guidelines advise that no close contact work should take place during Lockdown – though virtual work can. As a CNHC registrant, Jennie can carry out close contact work – but only for specific chronic and acute problems. If you have a problem, please do call.

    For full info on Lockdown guidelines please click: HERE

    If you have any thoughts or queries regarding either massage or healing work during this time, do call or email. Contact details are immediately below.

    Thank you for bearing with us. Be safe…

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    If you have uploaded the NHS Test & Trace app, we have a QR code for you to scan.

    If you ever need to provide contact details, please ensure White Wave is categorised as “healthcare”. 

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    If you have an enquiry or to make an appointment:- Telephone: 020 8444 7570

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    All first-time clients are offered a free 30-minute consultation immediately prior to the first session.

    Due to Covid-19, this will be carried out via email, over the phone or via Zoom, preferably the day before, as face-to-face sessions are currently not recommended.

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    For Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter and Christmas – a relaxing therapeutic Massage or Energy Work gift for someone you care about, to help them unwind…

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    If you pay in advance for 4, 5 or 6 sessions you will receive a 10% discount. For more info, click HERE

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    Jennie is a Registered Practitioner with BAPAM – the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine. Click HERE for further information

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